5+ Steps to Recover My WordPress Blog from a Hack

September 17, 2019 Shanu Mathai 0

Getting hacked is something I do not want to go through again. There are so many reasons why website downtime is bad for your blog/business: while a loss of traffic and potential income are the two most obvious, I cannot understate the amount of time I lost in getting the site restored and the amount of stress it caused me. In this post I want to reveal what happened to my site and let you know what I have done to increase the security of my site since. Step 1: How was my WordPress site hacked? If you’re a casual web developer this task may seem beyond you at first. But taking a moment to assess the situation could save you a lot of time […]

Test your WordPress Website Backup

August 10, 2019 Shanu Mathai 0

Sometimes, backups could be missing files or become corrupted. It may not be a common occurrence, but can you afford to take that risk the next time you need to restore your site? Your WordPress backup could become unusable for many possible reasons, some of which include: Your backup software experiences an issue It contains bugs There’s a compatibility issue with other plugins or WordPress core There’s a temporary glitch Your internet connection becomes severed unexpectedly You reach your server’s PHP memory limit as a backup is being made Your computer has been infected by a virus A hacker infiltrates your site and a backup is created with malware or other unwanted content Instead of guessing and hoping everything’s fine, in this post I’ll show you the […]