How to Make money from your content strategy in 2020


Today i am discussing about how to make thousand dollars per month from your blog or website. I am explaining only three topic which is helpful for you getting a decent income from your blog.

Content strategy or traffic means you need good topic and content which is share to your readers and helpful to your readers requirements, that is you must motivate and aim to your readers goals. you can give a idea about how to face their struggles or problems.

It must be clear because you must focus what your readers wants from your blog or content. when the readers will happy then only you can enjoy your benefit as well. Without traffic and creation of genuine content your blog will not survive in the digital competition world.

You will not get any approval from google adsense as well as other paid ads. if you are a passion blogger, you don’t worry about monetization and all other paid ads methods.

The content of your blog specify category , for example i am writing for web & technology related content. you cannot write all category items like travel, technology, politics etc.

You must select one category which is more comfortable with your blogging business.

I am following few my own rules, may be this will help your blogging. content strategy. i am following other bloggers keywords and i will get different keywords.

i am selecting most common and big traffic generation keyword. Then i create a new blog post for my readers.

I am giving few examples in my blog which is helpful to my readers as well. another thing is there is no rules for post words length. you can write your content in 100 words and more.

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If your content is not unique, then you will not get your expected traffic and your readers will simply reject your post.

If your content is unique and helpful to your readers then you need not create a 10 post per month.

You just create a single post per month that will drive your traffic as well as money. for example.

After blog post creation normally we share same post to our different social media website and our email subscribers, may be traffic will generate some how from different sites but that is not for long time.

I meant your blog will not get repeater readers if your post is not unique. when your post is unique the readers will coming back to the page or post for more information and also will get a referral reader.

Another important fact is that you don’t need a backlink or backlink generation website for generating traffic in your site.

when you are explain the topic you specify the important topic in a professional way, because you are teaching some ‘X’ person through your blog.

The topic you are you teaching that is familiar with you and also helpful to the readers.

If you need money from your post. you just think like a business man. what is business man do? if your content is unique and genuine it will hit your expected traffic, in this case you can convert the traffic as money.

How it is possible ? yes! it is possible to convert your traffic as money, after generating a good traffic in your web page; you can drive your services like product review and give a backlink to other startup bloggers or company, services like sponsored content article etc.

For getting massive traffic in your blog. index your blog into search engine and go for organic traffic generation or paid traffic generation.

I am recommending paid traffic like google adwords that will drive good visibility in google search engine and it will drive a decent traffic with in a few days.

You can share a free guide through your post because it will drive good traffic into your blog.

sources of traffic is really important, if you don’t have money to spend paid ads then select a good SEO tool that will help to generate a good audience to your blog.

Tons of bloggers are available in the blog writing world, if you spend your time and money to your blog post or content creation, then only you can generate a smart and steady income.

Guest posting is a good method of creating webtraffic, it will help you drive a good traffic in your webpage from posting your content to other website. Most of the guest bloggers will paid from different niche blogs.


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