What is Youzer?


When they say it’s a whole new world, the creators of Youzer aren’t kidding. This is a new-era management solution for WordPress front-end user profiles, and it will change your author page into something that really fits that description. Integrated with BuddyPress,

it will open up hundreds of options for you to play with, letting you find the exact design that will fit your personality to the finest details. Take a look at everything it has to offer and trust us, you’ll want it immediately.

Once BuddyPress is active on your site, you can then install Youzer and start adding the selection of templates to your site. These templates cover the user login and registration pages, the user profile pages, and the social wall and global news feed areas to name just a few. As this Youzer review will demonstrate, all of these templates and the other features of this plugin can be heavily customized through the visual interface of the control panel.

This section of the Youzer review will now explore the best and most useful features of this plugin to help you decide if this is the right tool for upgrading your BuddyPress WordPress community website.

Who Should Choose the Youzer WordPress Plugin?

As mentioned, Youzer is a plugin for enhancing the user profiles and BuddyPress areas of your site. Therefore if you’re using BuddyPress, Youzer is an obvious choice. However, if your website includes user profiles in any other capacity, such as a membership site, or multi-author blog, then Youzer could be a good option too.

Installation Process

The first thing you should be aware of is that you’ll need BuddyPress in order to use Youzer. Once you have it all set up, follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase Youzer plugin and save the .zip file on your computer.
  2. In the WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  3. Choose the Youzer plugin zip.
  4. Install it.
  5. That’s pretty much it – you’re ready to rock and roll.

Now that you’ve been through this complicated process, you should know that only two pages are automatically added when you install the plugin: Login and Lost Password. You’re going to add the others yourself, and here’s how:

add pages

So, pick the page you need, and click Add to Menu. Proceed to add all the pages you want.

Youzer WordPress Plugin Features

As well as trying out a demo of the plugin, you can also view the full feature list on the Youzer sales page at CodeCanyon. However, to save you time and give you the inside scoop, here are the best features of this plugin and some information on how they work.

Youzer Social Features

BuddyPress is a social media WordPress plugin but by also adding the Youzer plugin to your WordPress website you can really start creating your own social network. Some of the best social features of the Youzer plugin include the social wall, user friendships, and messaging components.

Youzer user wall

With these features enabled, your users can post content to their walls, view the news feeds of other users, and grow their network by befriending other users. Other key social networking features like mentions, emoticons, verified badges, and more are also part of what Youzer can bring to your website.

Youzer emojis

Some of these features may well be available through the BuddyPress WordPress plugin. However Youzer enhances those features as well as adding its own social networking functionality to your WordPress website.

Youzer Membership Features

Youzer also has lots of templates for the pages your visitors might see if you’re running a membership site or similar type of project. As well as the professional look of these templates, you’ll also find that they contain some useful features, such as captcha fields and the ability to limit login attempts to help keep your website safe and secure.

When setting up these login and registration templates for your WordPress website, Youzer gives you lots of options. For example, you can easily choose to enable social logins. Therefore, your visitors can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or an account from other supported networks.

You also have the option of using popups and configuring the Ajax loading effects to customize how your visitors can access the login and registration forms of your site. Youzer also makes it easy to choose which fields are included in any forms you use, helping you to capture all the information that you need from your users.

Directory Features

Youzer member directory

To help your website become a useful resource and assist your users in finding the content they’re looking for, Youzer also has great directory features. Through this functionality, you can ensure that the members, groups, and content on your website are well organized and easy to find.

Youzer Profile Features

User Profile Page Content

Regardless of whether you’re using BuddyPress, bbPress, or WordPress on its own, Youzer can really help you to improve the user profiles on your website. Among the features for enhancing this aspect of your site, you’ll find a selection of different templates, multiple widgets for displaying user profiles, and the option of adding custom tabs to your profiles.

Youzer Panel Options

The Youzer Admin Panel offers a variety of options – in fact, around 700 of them. This includes 52 settings tabs, five unlimited builders and 9 panel schemes. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect.

Youzer Admin Panel

Using this plugin, you can literally change every last bit of your user profile, from some basic things such as background and margin settings, to choosing whether you allow emoji and setting up social media accounts… and much more. You can set up just about anything, and this is only the beginning in General settings.

Layouts and Widgets

As Youzer is a highly customizable WordPress plugin and BuddyPress add-on, it’s easy to choose from the selection of layout options to control how your profiles and other elements on your site will look. If you plan to use any of the Youzer widgets on your website, then they too can be customized through the plugin control panel. Thankfully, all of the different widgets can be customized independently from each other to ensure your site works and looks the way that you want it to.

Social Login Settings

Youzer Group Pages

Youzer groups

Youzer also has great support for BuddyPress groups. Now you can easily use the group templates to display an attractive list of all the groups on your website. From the groups page, users can browse the different groups and then submit a request to join an individual group.

Youzer Plugin Group Settings

Depending on how you configure the plugin, the group directory page can include group activity, member details, and other important information. This information can be displayed before the user has joined the group to help encourage them to do so.

Global News Feed Page

The Youzer global news feed does what you might expect it to do – display a list of the latest activity on your website. Thanks to the Youzer functionality, users can quickly filter the feed content by user status, such as content from their friends, from their groups, and mentions.

Youzer global feed

Like the most popular social networks out there, your website can give your users the ability to post content to their profile. This content is then displayed in the global news feed on your site. Options for sharing content with Youzer, BuddyPress, and WordPress include the ability to post standard text content, uploading images, creating slideshows, and sharing quotes and links. Posting files is easy too, including video and audio content. Users can then comment on the posts of other users, helping to create an active online community.

Public Profile Pages

Youzer can also add an enhanced user profile page to your BuddyPress website. As you’d expect from this popular plugin, the Youzer profile page designs look great. However, there’s more to this plugin that just good looks.

Youzer header v1

Through the profile page settings, users can promote their best content to help others find their work. They can also describe their abilities using the animated skills graph. Favorite quotes can be added to convey some of the user’s personality, while listing services offered is an option too.

Youzer profile

The Youzer public user profile pages are one of the highlights of this BuddyPress plugin. They have the ability to turn your WordPress website into a professional looking and stylish community portal in just a few clicks.

Private Profile Pages

Youzer Private Profile

Not everyone wants to share their profile information with the world. With Youzer, that’s fine because as well as the public profile page templates, there’s also a private profile layout template.  Through the profile settings, it’s easy for users to restrict access to their profiles while still displaying some information.

Enabling Add-Ons

Finally, when setting up Youzer in your WordPress Dashboard, you have the option of enabling a small selection of premium add-ons. These optional tools can add even more features to your website, including social sharing tools, the ability to create unlimited custom members types, and offering more BuddyPress activity reactions to your users. You can also find quick links to the plugin documentation on the Youzer control panel.

Youzer Plugin Pricing Details

As mentioned, Youzer is a premium WordPress plugin that’s available for purchase from the CodeCanyon marketplace. The current price of Youzer is $39. This includes lifetime access to plugin updates and six months of support from the plugin creators. You can extend this support period to 12 months for the price of $12.75.

Considering the large volume of useful features in the Youzer plugin, this is a fair price to pay.


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